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Body Over Mind?

19 Jul

What a man thinks of himself will determine what he becomes (Thoreau)

 A recent decision by the federal government forced school districts to offer equal opportunities to play sports to students with disabilities, whether learning, intellectual, or physical ones. Sure, we have always had the paraolympiads for severely handicapped children but there was no regular athletic activity for them as there is, in abundance, for ordinary students. Faced with the possibility of losing federal funding, schools scrambled to organize physical activities for those children with special needs.

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A Better World..Maybe

9 Feb

I am so old I remember filling my tank with $5.00.  I am so old I remember using a phone booth in the street. I am so old I remember watching Pele play in the World Cup of soccer.  I am so old I saw Sandy Koufax win a World Series Game. The list can go on for hours, but I don’t want to upset my few readers with faded memories. Rather, my goal is to convince today’s youth, including my students of course, that they live in a completely different world, not just thanks to technology, say iPad and smart phones, but also thanks to cultural and social mores. 

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