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No Homeschool, Please!

18 Mar

Sometimes politics and education clash in the middle of a heated primary. Rick Santorum admitted that his children were homeschooled and Bill Mahr, the comedian turned activist on HBO, pounced on the fact by saying that the candidate’s children needed a (I paraphrase) dosage of reason by attending classes with their peers in a regular school. Whether Mahr’s remarks were appropriate or not (they may have violated the unspoken rule that children of candidates must not be touched), is not the topic here. I’d rather address the fact that so many states allow homeschool in the first place with all the evident perils this practice embodies. As a European immigrant in the last century, I had never heard of such educational laws which no doubt have emerged as a relic from the old days when early Puritans indoctrinated (that is the right word) their children in the sanctity of the Bible.



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